Making Sure Your Dog Is Happy And Healthy

dog accessoriesFor the dog lovers out there, you know that spoiling your dog is the most rewarding feeling in the world. Our dogs offer us unconditional love; what are we supposed to give back to them? Here are 8 important tips to make sure you provide you dog with everything he/she needs.

An identification tag. Make sure your dog has a comfortable collar and an attached identification tag with your details on it (name, cell number and address). If your dog ever goes missing, there is a greater chance he/she will be returned to you.

A lead. Make sure that when you go outside of your yard that your dog is on a lead to encourage good behaviour. This is essential for the safety of your dog as well as other people’s dogs.

Indoor love. While having a dog bed outside for your dog is great, especially during colder months, it is also important to let your dog spend time indoors with the family so that he/she feels loved and not lonely.

Fixing. Spraying or neutering your dog helps control animal overpopulation and helps discourage any aggression problems your dog may have.

Proper food and water. Making sure your dog eats a healthy diet and always has enough fresh water available at all times is essential.

Training. Dogs, especially ones with behaviour issues, need training to learn appropriate behaviour. If need be, take your dog to a training class.

Exercise. Physically fit dogs are healthier and have fewer issues as opposed to dogs that aren’t fit. Take your dog for walks and play fetch to make sure your dog is active; this is also a great way to bond with your dog.

Check-ups. Dogs, like humans, need health check-ups to make sure they stay healthy. Take your dog to the veterinarian annually and also make sure that your dog has had all the appropriate vaccinations that are required.

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